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Author: Andrea Fedrezzoni
Title: Rain
Description: The Italian Rock Band RAIN started to rock in 1980 in Bologna. Three generations of musicians have passed beneath its name and they have ridden the rock influences of their respective periods, turning RAIN in a veritable team of the Italian Rock . Moving on from the Heavy Metal of their early records up to the modern sounds of the latest album and experimenting new atmospheres with acoustic rock in their studio LP: “MEXICAN WAY”, to return to heavy and thundering tunes with the last work "Spacepirates". In their early years they performed live mostly in Bologna, the hometown of all the previous members of the band. Year after year their local popularity increased, persuading them to expand their audience to nearby cities. Despite the many line-up changes, RAIN’s work became more and more determined to keep the road of Rock, releasing their first album of original songs on cassette. Between 1998 and 2007, RAIN released two records: “BIGDITCH 4707”, distributed by Greek label Eternal Shadows, and “HEADSHAKER”, recorded for the French label Deadsun Records. The long promoting tours of these two LPs brought RAIN to be known all over Italy and even in Europe. PAUL DI ANNO (first Iron Maiden frontman) MICHAEL SCHENKER, UDO, IRON SAVIOR, and HELSTAR, are just some of the big names that the Italian band has had to support . Due to this intense live activity, Rain matured international experience and started to receive good reviews for their high level performances. Worth mentioning their appearance at AREZZO LOVE WAVE in 2005 as the band recommended by METAL HAMMER magazine and the outstanding show in Slovenia at METAL CAMP 2005 with EXCITER, ANTHRAX , MALMSTEEN, CHILDREN OF BODOM, SLAYER, and more. During 2008 they released the record “DAD IS DEAD”, containing 12 unreleased tracks and a cover. As guest Steve Sylvester singing the legendary Cult hit “Rain”. The record was produced and distributed by Aural Music all over the world, and in Italy by Audioglobe. The promotional tour for “Dad is Dead” brought Rain worldwide: Finland, Germany, Poland, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Denmark supporting Blaze Bayley (IRON MAIDEN singer 1994-1999) and a month-long tour through United States with W.A.S.P during 2006. Their work continued in 2011 with the album “XXX”, an anthology of the band's 30-years career, where they rearranged and re-interpreted some of the most significant songs from the previous records. The label Aural Music reaffirmed its confidence in the group. On October 15, 2011 in Tilburg, Netherlands, began “XXX TOUR” that led Rain once again around Italy and Europe. In October 2013 was released “MEXICAN WAY”, an acoustic experience, a really new experience for the Band, who needed to express itself in different ways, as already tested in two of their historical songs rearranged in “XXX”. The album immediately received excellent reviews and after only six months went out of print. Aural Music was once again attended to deal with national and foreign distribution. Very enjoyable, among the 12 tracks, are two songs sang in Spanish: “Mexican Way”, the title track, and “Whiskey and the Route 666” (already present in “XXX” in its English version). “MEXICAN WAY” also contains two highly successful Mexican sound cover: “Tijuana Jail” by Gilby Clarke and “Ride Like the Wind” by Christopher Cross . The Band toured once more Italy to support and promote "Mexican Way", starting in March 2014 from Rome, and along to Bologna, Padova, Milan, Ferrara, Brescia, back to Bologna and then back again to Milan. During July 2014 the Band attended to Total Metal Festival in Bari. During that tour Rain performed both in acoustic and electric and they introduced their hits taken from “DAD IS DEAD” and “XXX”, and cross-over versions of songs from “MEXICAN WAY”. Year 2014 will be rememberd for the arriving of a new singer, Mantis le Sin, of a new solo Guitarist, Amedeo Mongiorgi, and of a new drummer, Andrea "Eternalclock" Fedrezzoni, and also for the new management taken in charge by Davide Tonioni, a long time member of the RAINCREW (team of loyal supporters and partners of the band). Years 2014 and 2015 passed by with lots of shows both in Italy than in Europe (to be mentioned the amazing performance at PISTOIA BLUES 2015 supporting BLACK LABEL SOCIETY AND THE DARKNESS"), but the Band started to write the following work of "Mexican Way". The last record "Spacepirates" was taken to life during april 2016, and saw Rain return to heavy sounds but with something new. Immediatly tha Band started to tour to support the record (among others Milan, Rome, Bologna, Florence, and a seven days tour with Jeff Scott Soto around Europe). The new record achieved very good reviews and was really welcomed by the people. Rain toured lots of places during the summer of 2016 and at that time the Band and Amedeo friendly parted ways. Amedeo was replaced by Federico "Freddy" Veratti at the end of august 2016. During october 2016 Rain welcomed Maurizio "Evil Mala" Malaguti as the new singer, replacing Mantis permanently. Rain are still planning new tours and writing new songs to carry on this 4 decades history.
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