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Author: Gabriella Aleo
Title: Elarmir
Description: The project Elarmir came along in 2010, at first as a musical and artistic studio project conceived by composer Alex Trotto, whose work goes from music, to arrangements all the way to recording. The music genre proposed by said project is of Technical Death Metal imprint with Epic and Black traits and nuances. In 2012 the first EP, titled “Toward the end”, comes out, comprehensive of 3 metal tracks and 3 classical tracks, along with medieval-style ballads and soundtracks. In the same period of time, the project evolves and develops towards a more real and properly-designed music band thanks to the addition of multifaceted and interchangeable musicians who allowed the projects to have a much more ductile nature as well as different lines-up for different events and music festivals, initially offered to the audience of “STAZIONE BIRRA” (Rome, Italy). After being out of the public scenes for a little while, the projects start over again in 2014, driven by more ambitions than ever before and still led by Alex Trotto as for compositions and arrangements (guitars, bass, drums, orchestra, growl) and Elenora Buono at the voice. Two videos come out in that very year: “Human Wisdom” and “False Myths”, a big shift towards Death Metal nuances if compared to the previous songs. In September of 2015 a new EP comes out titled “Human Wisdom”, containing 8 tracks and two bonus tracks indeed titled “Human Wisdom” and “False Myths” with the addition of a track (as well as a music video) titled “Thorns”. The new work is noticeably different in term of style, yet its imprint is still Tech Death in nature, but the new musicians bring to the project sounds and artistic traits that look more at the experiences of prog-rock, jazz and groove, always without losing the project’s true nature of Epic and Black. In 2016 the leader Alex Trotto pushes for a change in the line-up of the group, looking for a growth in the ambitions of the projects, now focus on new and more concrete goals. With this in mind, the band launches a new track and a music video, remarkably different from its predecessors and titled “The Others”. A new artistic path, more mature and therefore more elegant, clearly and deeply influenced by bands like Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Meshuggah and Death, all of which contributes to give to the band a fresh and original style, thanks also to the unique possibilities offered by a female voice as lead singer. All this without renouncing to the project’s Tech Death, Black and Epic Metal original imprint. The new album by the Elarmir is scheduled to be released in 2017. New tours and dates coming soon. Elarmir have supported important bands in Europe and abroad as: EPICA, ARCHENEMY, AMORPHIS, SIRENIA, NERVOSA.
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